Online course: Print and Digital Elements of Design: Branding and User Experience (part of a long term online programme: Graphic Design Elements for Non-Designers)

Dates: any time

Duration: 10 hours

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0 out of 111 ratings (see top rating courses here)

Participating countries: any country

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Organizer: University of Colorado Boulder at Coursera


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Print and Digital Elements of Design: Branding and User Experience

Graphic design projects can be delivered in either a printed format or a digital format, or both. This course will look at how to work with creative professionals to get the ideal usage out of a design to use in print medium such as logos, brochures and larger printed projects that will also carry over as seamlessly as possible into the digital realm of websites and social media. We will also cover the user experience and how to keep the end result in mind when working on creative endeavors.

What you will learn

  • Outcome 1: Relate how to best work with graphic designers, printers and web designers.

  • Outcome 2: Explore the printing elements of graphic design.

  • Outcome 3: Examine the online elements of graphic design.




WEEK 1: 3 hours to complete

More on Textual Elements, Color and Fixing Design Issues

This module will build on textual and color elements, as well as tips on fixing design issues.

Course Introduction
Building on Textual Elements
Building on Color Elements
Fixing Design Issues

WEEK 2: 3 hours to complete

Printing Elements of Graphic Design

This module will cover printing terms and paper options, as well as print-specific features in computer design programs.

Using Commercial Printers And Paper Options
More on Printing
Print-Specific Features in InDesign

WEEK 3: 4 hours to complete

Online Elements of Graphic Design

This module will look at online elements of graphic design such as designing for online mediums and converting image sizes for use on websites.

Designing For Online Mediums
Online Website Platforms
Converting Image Sizes in Photoshop

Long term online programme Graphic Design Elements for Non-Designers

This online course is one of the parts of long term online programme “Graphic Design Elements for Non-Designers“, provided by University of Colorado Boulder:

Name of the course Duration (hours) Score Number of ratings
Basic Elements of Design: Design Principles and Software Overview 11 4.7 574
Graphic Elements of Design: Color Theory and Image Formats 12 4.7 378
Textual Elements of Design: Fonts, Typography, and Spacing 13 4.8 138
Print and Digital Elements of Design: Branding and User Experience 10 4.7 111