📌 Location: Popova Shapka, Republic of North Macedonia

⏰ Dates: 24 September – 2 October 2022

👣 Number of participants: 33

🏁 Participating countries: Cyprus, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey

🚲 Organizer: BRIGHT (Youth NGO)

🍇 Apply here: application form

🚦 Deadline to apply:  28 August 2022

🚦 Date of Selection: 29 August 2022

📱 Inquiries about this training course: E-Mail: slobodan.antic12@gmail.com

💰💶 Costs:

  • no participation fee.
  • Food, accommodation and local travel costs (only during the duration of the activity program) will be covered by the grant from the National Agency of Germany of the Erasmus+ Programme.
  • Travel reimbursement:

Travel expenses: 100% of the actual travel expenses will be reimbursed to the participants by bank transfer after submitting the original travel documents up to the amount and in accordance with the rules specified in the Info Pack.
Specific travel reimbursement amount per participant per country in euros:
Germany – 275 €
Serbia – 210 €
Cyprus – 275 €
Spain – 360 €
Slovenia – 275 €
Turkey – 275 €
Hungary – 320 €
Latvia – 275 €
Italy – 275 €
North Macedonia – 0€

SPORT it OUT vol.3

The outbreak of the global health pandemic, Coronavirus, has caused particular international challenges on social, economic, and health levels, due to daily life restrictions and travel bans. ‘New reality’ affected life’s of millions of young people all around Europe. Lack of possibility to travel and the concerns about health most likely brought youth mobility participation to a halt. The uncertain coming status is testing the international youth co-operation and limiting the implementation of Erasmus+ programs in Europe and abroad when it is probably most needed. Coronavirus is not only a global health pandemic but is putting youth mobilities progression and young generation in jeopardy of losing opportunity for growth and development.

One of the events that was affected with pandemic was training course Sport it out vol 2. Due to travel restrictions and unstable health situation we had to transform event in online format. Project was succesufully implemented with regret that we couldn’t run training in face to face non formal education format. That how idea for Sport it out vol 3 format came to life.
Partnership has been strengthened and agree to apply for project that will adress following challenges :

Young people participation in sport has been restricted in accordance with the global Coronavirus’s restrictions measures
In the current situation of the global health pandemic, as the virus spreads across the world, national and international sport events are also facing special challenges and been affected of the pandemic worldwide
Grass roots sports is highly affected
The pandemic has limited young people’s participation in national and international sport events due to many suspended and postponed competitions and trainings
Out project is built on believe that engagement in play and sports gives young people opportunities for natural selfexpression, self confidence, relief of tension, achievement, social interaction and integration as well as for learning the spirit of solidarity and fair play. These positive effects also help counteract the risks and harm caused by the demanding, competitive, stressful and sedentary way of life that is so common in young people’s lives today.


Infopack: here 

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