Training Course: ART stART – Art-Related Social Entrepreneurship

Location:Trevi, Italy

Dates: 7-12 August 2022

Number of participants: 15

Participating countries: France, Italy, Poland

Organizer: Foundation for Sustainable and Holistic Development Windmill Tree


Apply here: link

Deadline: 11 July 2022

Date of selection: 12 July 2022

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  • Participation fee: no Participation Fee
  • Accommodation and food: food and accomodation are provided by organizers
  • Travel reimbursement: below You can find a list of max sum of money, which can be reimbursed per person, according to the country; both ways. In case if the travel cost will exceed the possible reimbrsement sum , the difference is considered as participant contribution .
    Poland: 275 euros
    France: 275 euros
    Italy: 0 euros

ART stART – Art-Related Social Entrepreneurship

ART stART is an international project that aims to promote and introduce the idea of art-based social entrepreneurship among young people with fewer opportunities.

The main aim of the project is to promote art-based social entrepreneurship among young people with fewer opportunities.


The following objectives will help us to achieve our aim:
– Start a productive network between representatives of Youth work from Poland, Italy and France
– Exchange good practices, ideas, inspirations
– Create and disseminate a platform about art-based social entrepreneurship
– Develop tools on empowerment of young people to start up own business, improve their employability
– Find sollutions and possible innovative approaches to the challenges, which we all face in the times of unstable economic situation
– Help young people to increase sense of entrepreneurship, especially social etrep.

During the mobility participants together with coaches will research topic of art-based and art-realted social entrepreneurship.


Participants will lead for each other workshops in the topic of art and creativity, social enterprenership, also present their countries and cultures, also how economical and political regulations concerning suport of social interpreneurs in their home countries (It will be interesting to compare three systems of support and to see what good practices we can borrow from other countries. since every country has specific economical and political regulations concerning suport of social interpreneurs, same as different national/local grants. )

Main idea of this mobility – to develop innovative tools on how to encourage young people to get involved into art-based social interprises.

We would like to use Dragon Dreaming program as a method for this mobility.
Dragon Dreaming is an open-source method spreading around the world and first developed by John Croft and Vivienne Elanta at the Australian Gaia Foundation. This method is
founded to support entrepreneurs and change-makers, based on a mindful culture and modern business approach.