⛵ Training Course: Training on Digital Tools/Art and Craft

📌 Location: Ommen, Netherlands

⏰ Dates: 20-28 January 2024

👣 Number of participants: 50 participants

🏁 Participating countries: Greece, Latvia, Netherlands, Portugal

🚲 Organizer: Stichting ReSkill (Youth NGO)

🍇 Apply here: Application form

🚦 Deadline to apply: 10 December , 2023

🚦 Date of Selection: 20 December, 2023

📱Inquiries about this training course: Soehail at sohail_braakman@live.nl

💰💶 Costs

  • Participation fee: 60 eur. per participant
  • 100% accommodation, food are covered
  • Travel costs: keeping within a maximum budget of 200 EUR (40 EUR for the Netherlands). To get a reimbursement, simply submit your ticket through a declaration form


Training on Digital Tools/Art and Craft

YFP in Ommen, Netherlands (Jan 20-28 2023). Delve in to creativity, master online skills, connect with Dutch organisations, explore arts and embrace sustainability. Welcome to YFP

YFP is a super cool 8-day programme happening in Ommen, Netherlands, from January 20th to January 28th, 2023. We’re all about arming you with fresh ideas to amplify your online voice and diving into the digital world with skills like snapping and editing photos, creating videos and images, and even crafting awesome blogs and websites. It’s like a digital playground that’s not only fun but also super helpful for your personal growth.

Get ready to master the art of presentation and writing, and get up close and personal with various organizations in the Netherlands. They’ll totally flip your perspective on turning problems into solutions.

But wait, there’s more! We’re diving into arts and crafts, unleashing our creativity by designing our own masterpieces and make an art-exposition. Plus, we’re on a green and sustainable mission – we’re taking the eco-friendly train for all our travel needs (even to and from the venue). And guess what? We’re embracing a green lifestyle and getting active with loads of sports and mental health activities. It’s all about helping you bloom as an individual and make a positive impact on your community.

And here’s the grand finale – YFP isn’t just about you, it’s about giving back. After project you’ll team up with your pals from your home country to create small, impactful actions through art. It’s a powerhouse of a project that not only helps you understand the internet and sustainability but also makes a real difference in the world.

Environmental Awareness: We, as advocates, raise your awareness about sustainability and the environment. We empower you to adopt sustainable behaviors, urging a reduction in plastic consumption and promoting environmentally friendly choices in travel and diet.

Art and Craft: You are exploring innovative means of artistic expression, cultivating skills in graffiti and creating your own artwork. This journey equips you to assist others in enhancing digital proficiency.

Digital Skills: You acquire the skills to enhance your writing, master design programs, and effectively convey your message through digital channels.

Empowering Youth: We empower you to be a change-maker and a positive role model. Through making new friends in Europe, you gain the skills and confidence needed to make a lasting impact.

Accommodation and food

You will be staying at our home location at Olde Vechte, in Ommen. It is an amazing lush mansion which has an private forest, multiple rooms and a special training room. It is located in the East of the country, within an national forest area.

Ommen is just an hour away from Amsterdam, and 1,5 hour from Den Haag and Rotterdam by train, and the train station is just 10 minutes walk.

Accommodation will be in shared bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, accommodating up to six people. You can choose between mixed-gender or gender-based rooms based on your preference.

The project activities will primarily take place at the workshop spaces within the Theatre, including outdoor areas and the nearby park.

For one-third of the project, activities will be held on other parts of the Netherlands, meaning you have to be pshcially fit and able to cycle


This project will be totally vegan

This means that YFP2 will provide for free:

-Vegan breakfast.

-Vegan lunch

-Vegan dinner

Travel reimbursement

OPTION 1 (most preferred, fast and easy):

After singing up, YFM will send you an ticket proposal and the link where to book your ticket to/from Ommen. If you book this exact ticket yourself,the money for this ticket will be in your account within 1 month after the project guaranteed.

Option 2 (freedom of choise, takes more time)

You can choose to purchase your own ticket and plan your route, keeping within a maximum budget of 200 EUR (40 EUR for the Netherlands). To get a reimbursement, simply submit your ticket through a declaration form. Please note that additional verification checks are required by our accountant, and it take 3 months for the refunded amount to be credited back to your account.