Fourty eight adventurers from Latvia, Spain, Romania, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Greece and United Kingdom arrived in Wales to co-create Erasmus plus youth exchange Knights of the Round Table #2: Searching for Grail.

Right on we entered the world of LARP (Live Action Role Play), which transfers us in time to historical world of Great Britain.

This is a second time we gather in Wales. Just one month ago we had Knights of the Rount Table #1: Searching for a King. First phase was focused on American type of LARP – was more focused on gaming and less on role-playing and theatre. We were living as a part of a semi-historical community and competing for resources and power with 3 other groups. We decided the level till which you want to be “acting” the role of our own choice. We were discovering the following topics:

  • How do I behave in a group?
  • How do I include myself and others into it?
  • How do I react to unpleasant events?
  • How to get the best out of me?

This time we played German LARP with bigger focus on the theatre, and role-playing. We were living in a “castle”. A character we played was partly crafter by facilitators, partly by participants. This activity was less about a game, and more focused on inner experiences. We were discovering the following topics:

  • What are my personal values?
  • How do I face my fears?
  • How do I create trust?
  • How can I act as a hero in my everyday life?

Story – KNIGHTS of the ROUND TABLE #2 Searching for Grail

Searching for a Grail starting! We getting ready to host participants from EU countries in Great Britain, with the spirit of the medieval time and step into the legends and myths of courage and bravery, and re-live the story of Arthurian knights, of the friendship and brother-hood. Emerging into adventurous 11 nights full of games and activities, discovering behavioral patterns, and, creating friendships.

Team building to strengthen KNIGHTS adventures.

Day 2 Medieval Character

On the 2nd day we were participating in many activities. We had to create our own medieval character which would manifest through us while having stayed in Go Wild. We had to create background stories and find a reason why our characters were worth becoming knights. We were working in pairs, alone, and in groups of 4 people so that our stories would be more interesting. In the evening we were sitting around the bonfire and the mighty king dabbed us, knights.

Day 3 Making Swords

On the third day, we had to make our own swords and other equipment, because there is no true knight without armor. Everyone had chosen to become a different character: a wizard, a warrior, a prophet, a wanderer, etc., so our swords differed a lot too. In the afternoon we were reading and analysing the story of adventures of Lancelot in order to decide who was the guiltiest of all the terrible events that had happened to Lancelot and others. We were acting as juries in the medieval court trying to defend and accuse the characters of the legend.

We were learning 3 basic things all the knights have to be capable of, such as writing poems, ballroom dancing, and, of course, fighting. We were taught how to dance Volta, write a love poem and fight with a sword. In the afternoon the almighty king was watching us and choosing the best poet, the best dancer, and the best fighter among all the knights. In the evening we were having a barbecue around the bonfire.

Day 4 Nobility

Morning circle was a place for a meeting of a whole communnity and sharing together. It followed principles of Way of Council. First round was always dedicated to practicals, second round to a personal sharing.

Everyone divided to 3 groups. One group was practicing swordfight (with soften weapons), second group cration of poetry, third group historical dance. Group were changing based on Caroosel method.

Time for buddy meeting. Buddies were sharing with each other, supporting themselves with their well-being, and reflecting upon their learning.

Under observant eye of King Arthur, participants entered a tournament and competed for the price of best poet, best dancer, and best fighter.

Evening of Bards. There were song books and musical instruments available so everyone could gather in the neutral territory and enjoy the ballads. Time to relax, mingle, and share in informal setting, while still keeping the energy, setting and context of the LARP game.

Day 5 Courage

Taliesin is inviting Knights to defeat 3 evil dragons terorizing the Kingdom. (There is a catch. Dragons can be defeated only if participants won’t fight them but try to be-friend them.) The whole activity is learning on acceptance of fear.

We were introduced to Circle of Creativity tool. After that, we created teams of 4 sharing the common vision and get ready for a journey of a holy grail – a whole day trip to take in groups. We recieved a list of challenges to take on the road.

Reality. We are asked to join the Quest of Holy Grail. Pack own lunch, dinner, and snacks during the breakfast.

Team.Travel in teams. Do not separate with other group members. Depart and return back as a group. In no way you let someone alone. This is a group task. Each member of the group should be involved in the activity.

Safety. We are responsible for your own safety.  Have charged phone with you. British emergency number is 999. In case of need, call facilitator

Return. Be back latest at 13th of July, 10:00.

Vision. Group is creating their vision.

Goal. Goal can change based on your vision. Find your Holy Grail


  • Objectives can change based on your vision.
  • Reach the Kidwelly Castle (which stared in Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
  • Make at least one good deed.
  • Collect stories from at least 5 locals and discover what is the meaning of life (answer “42” is not accepted).
  • Connect motivations of your characters and bring them to the outer world. ´
  • Have fun (don’t you dare not to have fun).
  • Come back to sleep, or if you choose, sleep elsewhere and come back tomorrow for a breakfast.
  • Travel without using your personal money.
  • Add your own objectives.

Mingling process

  • What would I like to experience during the quest?
  • What would I like to see?
  • Do I want to return for night, or stay outside?
  • What type of vision do I have for this adventure?
  • What is my strong characteristic that my character bringing to the outer world? How am I going to turn it into an action?

Day 6 Faith

We spent the whole day on quest, returnning soonest for the dinner, or the next day mornning.

Day 7 Legends about the Knights or the Round Table

On the seventh day we had to tell about the trip of the Day 6 to our almighty king. Every group preperared a short theatrical performance in which it showed the challenges the knights were going through during the crussade. In the evening we strarted preparing to the LARP. We were choosing the roles and then our coach gave us the scripts. We all became characters of the legends about the Knights or the Round Table.

LARP – dress as you dream!

LARP: possibility to dive into the imaginary world of different characters

Day 8 Mercy

Larp CAMLANN is happening at 430 AD, during the Quest for the Holy Grail.

Players are representing different characters: mages, priests, kings, queen, damsels, knights, and servants. Each one of them faces their own struggles. The gameplay is a single day, and at the end of the day, each on of them has to make an important decision.

Everything revolves around Tristan and Isolda who took refuge at King Arthur’s castle, hoping Isolda won’t have to marry King Mark. But King Mark is coming for his bride. And he is not the only one.

Evening of Bards is regular event which is happening in the barn. There are song books and musical instruments available so all participants can gather in the neutral territory and enjoy the ballads. This activity is here to give to participants a time to relax, mingle, and share in informal setting, while still keeping the energy, setting and context of the LARP game.

Day 9 Learning

Reflection of the whole-day LARP experience, providing feedback on game, and adjusting it accrodingly.

We didvide ourselves into 4 groups and created a 4 different LARP activities for Knights 3.

Reflection group focused on question: “What am I taking from this experience for the future?”

Last day

Reflection groups had met for the last time. They said goodbye in a way they found appropriate. They were reflecting upon a question: “You supported me the most by… After coming home, you can still support me by…”

Group leaders brought back to the idea of YouthPass Competences. They let participants to create small groups and share their learning in 9 rounds (one per each competence) in order to inspire each other. In the second part of the process, participants and group leaders found together ways how to phrase and explain the learning in a way which is the most useful on labour market.

Group leaders were sharing with participants other options E+ is offering to them.

Everyone had an opportunity to ask questions about the whoel LARP experience, the method behind it, and the connection to social inclusion/exclusion.

Taking down all tents and cleaning the whole camp site.

Closing of the Youth exchange – Ritual-based process that allowed everybody to express theirs “thank you” to each other.


👑 Great way to learn British lengends
👑 And become characters of legends

🧠 This youth exchange was lifechanging, in terms of personal and professional way.
🦶Perhaps Erasmus+ projects should be replicated in Asia.

Three particpants made even tatoos to remember experience

Partners in the project

Coordinator: United Kingdom (

Partners: Latvia (organisation Biedriba Piedzivojuma Gars), Spain (organisation LaVibria Intercultural), Romania (Asociatia Synergy), Lithuania (Inovatyvi Karta) , Czech Republic (INspire), Greece (Solidarity Mission)

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