Zero Grams of Waste challenge is a youth exchange to exchange ideas and empower ourselves on how to become zero waste every step of the way

In Europe, we currently use 16 tonnes of materials per person per year, of which 6 tonnes become waste. Just in terms of household waste alone, each person in Europe is currently producing, on average, half a tonne of such waste. Only 40% of it is reused or recycled and in some countries more than 40% still goes to landfill (source: Environmental Data Centre on Waste, Eurostat). Minimizing waste, not generating waste and turning waste into something reusable is one key to a circular economy. In UK, recycling rate is around 46% while 39% in EU. Most of our waste are ended up in landfills. For these reasons, along with the general environment around waste as well as our experience of previous projects, we decided to work with Zero Grams of Waste. We wanted to develop a youth exchange to exchange ideas about how to become zero waste, minimize waste in practice, exchange solutions in everyday practices and learn how we can become zero waste for ourselves and inspire our communities, cities and the people around us.

29 Zero Gram enthusiasts and 8 leaders from UK, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria gathered in Zero Grams of Waste challenge in Kennington, United Kingdom.


We are Zero Gram enthusiasts arriving to United Kingdom from all over the World.

We are ready to have a great time and create the best memories.

Today was day 1 and we play a lot of introduction games to get to know each other and come closer to the subject of zero waste.


Permaculture is like a clock, mess one thing and it won’t work!!

Board Games

Board games creation

Today we created our own board games based on the principles and the ethics of permaculture. Why? Why not!


Today we visited Canterbury – one of the historically significant places in England where we had the opportunity to interact with the locals about zero waste. Later on the other groups went to Margate as well. 🦢

Debate and Creation

To start the day off well we did yoga and then we had a debate between a logging company managers, the Activist and the local community to set up a wood factory in the village, all of this supervised by 4 judges.

After lunch we made soap, soap bombs and scrubs. To finish the activities we recycled some tin cans to use them as flower pots and planted flowers.


Today we started the day with stretching and energiser and we have been given the task to film a video on different problems in Kingswood regarding our project topic. We had the whole day to record and edit the footage using our creative team-work ideas. In the late afternoon we presented all of our videos and previous tasks as well.


We started the day with two energizers. Following that, we tackled the tasks involved in the ‘Mission Impossible’ activity. Later in the afternoon, we watched a video and engaged in a discussion about dissemination. Finally, we shared our personal reflections and provided feedback about our experiences during these days.

Project Zero Grams of Waste Overview

Erasmus + Youth exchange Zero Grams of Waste

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