Zero Grams of Waste challenge is a youth exchange to exchange ideas and empower ourselves on how to become zero waste every step of the way

  • Raise awareness about ZGW – 5 Rs philosophy and circular economy
  • Support a ZGW lifestyle and exchange ideas of how to minimize waste, how to reduce, reuse, recycle, rot and refuse the 5 Rs of ZGW
  • Support the participants to take action and become Zero Grams of Wasters
  • To live in a sustainable community and try to minimize waste in practice for 8 days
  • Develop new skills and competences through non-formal learning and informal: creative workshops, workshops, open discussions.
  • Develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to be the change agents in our everyday life and in our communities
  • Create a mini workshop, role playing or any creative presentation of one of the 5 Rs
  • To create videos to disseminate the results of the project

“I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.” Mother Teresa

Video campaigns

Zero Grams of Waste - Erasmus plus youth exchange -

Zero Grams of Waste - Erasmus plus youth exchange -

Zero Grams of Waste - Erasmus plus youth exchange -

Zero Grams of Waste - Erasmus plus youth exchange -

29 participants and 8 leaders from UK, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria gathered in Zero Grams of Waste challenge in Kennington, United Kingdom.


3rd of January everyone gathers for Zero Grams of Waste challenge – a youth exchange to exchange ideas and empower ourselves on how to become zero waste every step of the way


Today we dived deeper into the topic, starting with the first “R”: REFUSE. The day started by changing the environment and staying outside reflecting on refuse and making new connections between us. In the afternoon, every national team presented #ZEROWASTE initiatives from their countries.


Today we confronted ourselves with a really interesting topic: reduce. Reduce isn’t just a word, it’s a concept thanks to which we can limit the waste in our lives. Today we learnt that reducing doesn’t mean limiting ourselves and the things we may possess, besides means act responsible and be aware of what we really need and what we don’t. It’s just a big effort which can take a big change to the world


Today we spent our day off meeting the local people and raising awareness about #zerowaste in Folkstone and Canterbury.


Day 5 of the program was definitely full of creativity. During the morning sessions we create stories and team plays using our acting skills. In the afternoon we learn about different ways of composting and we also write our songs which were full of funny lyrics. Remember, ugly vegetables deserve dignity too.


Today we spent the day creating videos to spread awareness about zero waste. We had different topics including clothing, electricity, water and time.

People came up with creative ideas such as a horror movie trailer, a love story between humanity and nature and learning to accept that nothing is a waste of time.

Zero waste videos – Giving back to the community

Today we reflected on everything we did this week! It was an amazing experience that we are all grateful for. See you again soon!

We had a chance to write down our feelings, open up to the rest of the group and say goodbye as best we could.

We gathered in a circle and opened up about our experience of the programme to the rest of the Avatar moment group. It was a rather bittersweet moment, as we were sad to say goodbye, but very happy to have met each other and to have embarked on this journey together.

Project Zero Grams of Waste Overview

Erasmus + Youth exchange Zero Grams of Waste

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