Bilyana Marinova



Bilyana is our youngest Media and Marketing Director, having recently turned 21. Her passion for sustainability, security and international development has driven her to pursue a degree in International Relations. She
describes herself as funny, hard-working and endlessly curious.

‘Education has always carried a great significance to me. Only by cramming ourselves with knowledge, we are able to get rid of the cognitive biases, reach our fullest potential and accomplish something more than mere existence during our short stay on Earth. The access to education influences our actions both individually and collectively, and allows us to live authentically – a right every human being should be entitled to.’

Bilyana is highly committed to enhance the existing learning opportunities particularly encompassing the British youth. She has worked for the UK government on a local level, and has also acquired experience in the private sector through her employment at Cisco Systems Inc. and F.T. Media Group.

Besides her native Bulgarian, she is fluent in English and Italian, and has knowledge of