Seminar: “How to talk about war?” Working with young people in times of war crisis

Location: Toruń, Poland

Dates: 11-16 July 2022

Number of participants: 26 participants

Participating countries: Eastern Partnership countries, Erasmus+ Youth Programme countries

Organizer: SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resource Centre (SALTO Resource Centre), Polish National Agency of Erasmus+ Youth (National Agency)


Deadline to apply: 31 May 2022

Date of selection: 08 June 2022

Inquiries about this training course: Tomasz Szopa at


Participation fee:

This project is financed by the participating National Agencies (NAs) of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme. If there is a participation fee at all, it varies from country to country. Please contact your National Agency or regional SALTO Resource Centre to learn more about the participation fee for participants from your country.

Accommodation and food:

The hosting PL NA and SALTO EECA will organise the accommodation and cover the costs for accommodation and food from 11th July dinner till 16th July breakfast.

Travel reimbursement:

If you like to know details of travel reimbursement of selected participants, please contact your NA or regional SALTO.

“How to talk about war?” Working with young people in times of war crisis

The seminar will create a space to reflect on how to talk with young people and youth workers about the war situation, its consequences and how to be impactful. Its context is the current Russian invasion of Ukraine, and it aspires to go beyond.

Arrival of participants is Monday, 11th July by evening. Departure of participants is Saturday, 16th July from the morning. The seminar is 4 full working days, 12-15 July.


The aim of the seminar is to reflect how to talk about the war situation, its consequences and how to be impactful in local and international youth work


First of all, the seminar will allow participants to reflect about how to facilitate learning in times of war crisis. Participants will be able to develop their understanding and share practices related to the topic on three levels:

1. Me as a youth worker/trainer/facilitator – personal level,

2. Me and the others – facilitation of the learning process of individuals and groups,

3. Me and community – how to inspire actions as a youth worker/trainer/facilitator..

Participants will be able to share experiences from their countries and organisations, to plan next steps and if possible to look for new solutions, approaches, recommendations.

Additionally, participants will learn about the situation of Ukrainian refugees in Toruń and its region as well as the support provided.

The programme of the seminar will be developed based on the specific learning needs of the participants and will be provided after the selection processes.

The seminar will be a good occasion to grasp participants’ opinions and experiences on the topic, to record them as a material for the future open online course to be established in autumn 2022.


  • youth workers, youth leaders, youth wok trainers, youth project managers, mentors of volunteers;
  • motivated to learn how to talk about war and crisis and how to be impactful;
  • communicating in English.


The seminar will be run by a team of experienced trainers: Dagna Gmitrowicz from Poland/Germany, freelancer, artist and art therapist as well as Yuliya Ielfimova from Ukraine, civic activist, human rights educator and a youth worker. The seminar will be supported by Tomasz Szopa, chief specialist of SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resource Centre.