Training Course: Homo Ludens in Youth Work

Location: Holloko, Hungary

Dates: 12-18 January 2020

Number of participants: 27

Participating countries: Armenia, France, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Russian Federation, Ukraine

Organizer: Csoport-téka Egyesület

Apply here: Application form

Deadline to apply: 15 November 2019

Date of selection: 20 November 2019

Inquiries about this project:


Participation fee
there’s a participation fee of 50 euros per participant per training course

Accommodation and food
Board and lodging of the participants will be fully covered by the organisers. All participants will be accommodated in a room for 3-4 people. Three meals a day and coffee breaks will be provided in the whole duration of the activity.

Travel reimbursement
Travel costs for the activity in Hungary will be reimbursed acc. to the following limit:

Hungary – 0 EUR

Poland – 160 EUR

Russia, Ukraine, France, Lithuania – 255 EUR

Armenia, Georgia – 340 EUR

*The shuttle bus from Budapest to the venue will be organised by the oragnisers.

Homo Ludens in Youth Work

This LTTC aims to equip educators with the skills of game design and gamification in order to foster efficient educational process addressing current issues of nowadays.

The project was born from the idea to equip youth workers, youth trainers and educators with the skills of game design and gamification in order to foster / ensure efficient and engaging educational process addressing current issues such as intercultural and interreligious dialogue in the work with marginalized groups, gender equality, human rights and developing soft skills of young people from different backgrounds.

The project is going to be a LTTC which will consist of 3 parts: 2 training courses and a local testing phase in between.

The participants will be expected to participate in the whole duration of the course.

Objectives for the LTTC:
– to learn about the basics of game-design theory and its relation to person’s nature;

– to reflect on connections between basic principles of games and non-formal education;

– to share personal experience in using games and reflect critically on learning outcomes;

– to learn about the opportunities behind games and gamification as well as their limitations;

– to create and test educational games or gamified systems for the purposes of the target groups of participants;

– to test the created prototypes with the target groups in the local communities;

– to reflect on the user experience and learn how to make games more user friendly.

The LTTC has 2 activities:

1st Activity: 12-18 January 2020 (12th morning – arrival / 18th afternoon – departure day) – Holloko, Hungary

2nd Activity: 05-11 April 2020 (05th morning – arrival / 11th afternoon – departure day) – Rostov Velikiy, Russia


The project is open for youth workers, trainers, coaches and educators who actively work at local / regional/national or international levels.

Criteria for selection:
– Experience in youth work and active participation in the sending organization activities and work;

– Motivation to participate in 100% of the length of the LTTC;

– Shared expectations and clearly defined learning needs;

– Openness for and appreciation of non-formal learning process in highly diverse context;

– Commitment to go through the whole learning process, including responsibility for self-directed learning & learning outcomes, as well high level of motivation and discipline;

– Commitment to reflect on personal learning process and ability to critically assess learning outcomes;

– Commitment to follow up activities;

– Commitment to disseminate the project results.