Training: Open Your Mind

Location: Valencia

Dates: 23rd of October 2018 to 27th of October 2018 (plus two days for travel, 22nd and 28th of October)

Number of participants: 14

Participants: 2 participants from Jordan, 2 from Italy, 2 from Egypt, 2 from Germany, 2 from Poland, 2 from the UK, 2 from Spain

Profile of participants: Youth workers interested in this project area

Language: English  as  a  working language

Inquiries about this training course:  E-mail: Tel. +44(0)2088192140

Costs: All travel expenses are covered by the project and managed by each participants.


About the project:

OPEN YOUR MIND  is a mobility of youth workers with the followings goals:
From Jovesolides we want to develop Open Your Mind to train the technicians of the youth, and encourage their cultural enrichment from social entrepreneurship.
The objective: to dismantle the stereotypes  that  exist  towards  the  Muslim people through the exchange, dialogue and active participation of youth workers in the development of audiovisual projects. The ultimate goal: to create a campaign of plural awareness, cultural content and attractive to youth, to promote the construction of a democratic society based on equality, tolerance and solidarity among peoples.

We wish to promote mutual understanding and respect for diversity and the fight against all kinds of intolerance and discrimination. Today, more than ever, it must be an absolute priority of the international community if we wish to maintain peace and stability, both regionally and globally.

This exchange is lead by JOVESOLIDES, it will take place in Valencia and will link 14 youth workers from 7 organisations:






Contact person









Innovation Forum



Ali Haddad






CO.P.E. Cooperazione paesi Emergenti




Manuele Manente






Jovesolides Egipto


Amr Hassan






IYDA Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association e. V





Ahmed Hassan  









Katarzyna Luczak






Kairos Europe


Daniele Trevisan


United Kingdom






Boutaina Elhadri



How we are planning the project?

The project will be developed through 4 actions:

  1. Design and dissemination of the Open Your Mind Program among partner entities.
  2. Training meeting for youth workers and collective creation of the Open Your Mind campaign.
  3. Dissemination of the Open Your Mind campaign through social networks in seven countries (Germany, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Jordan, Egypt and Poland).
  4. Evaluation and final report of the campaign.

The Host Organisation: Jovesolides

JOVESOLIDES  is  a  non-governmental  organisation  which  has  been  launched  by  a  group  of university students motivated towards social change within disadvantaged neighbourhood of Valencia, Spain in 1999. Those  youngsters  are  from  Valencia  but  some  of  them  are  also  from  different  countries  –  got  an opportunity  to  combine  their  studies  with  social  participation  in  the  frame  of  the  vulnerable  local community by contributing their efforts, time and skills towards positive social change.


From Jovesolides we are promoting equality, tolerance and want to empower local communities, where youth is the main key of change in the scope of generation of new opportunities in social, cultural and labor areas as well as promotion of social inclusion and such values as interculturalism, tolerance and human rights.


Open-mindedness to equal society, opportunity to break down physical, cultural and symbolic borders which differentiate society. We search for collaborative actions filled with the vision of human dignity, and we seek to serve for such values as democracy, freedom, personal growing and social empowerment of individuals within a collective perspective.

Practical Issues

Food – accommodation

  • The accommodation and food expenses (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are covered by the project and managed by Jovesolides, Spain.
    The rooms are shared and program participants will be divided according to sex or country of origin.
  • Please remember to inform the leading organization regarding special dietary needs.


  • All working sessions will be in English.

Lodging: Colegio Mayor Rector Peset in Plaza Horno de San Nicolás, 4 46001 Valencia

The Rector Peset Hall of Residence of the UV inaugurated in 1997, is a hall of residence for students and professors which fosters the human, cultural and scientific training of its collegiates. It is located in a lordly house in the city centre, a palace which belonged to the family Martínez Vallejo (18th Century) which hosted the “Escuela Normal de Magisterio” (Teacher’s Training College) until 1961, later on it was restored and adapted to its new university role. Some elements of interests have been preserved such as a canvas of the Arabic wall which dates back to 11th Century, the Miramar Tower (18th Century), and “la vuelta con linterna” (19th Century) which crowns the main stairs. We can also regard the wall painting “La visita imposible de Juan Peset” (The Impossible Visit of Juan Peset) oeuvre by Damián Flores made in 2007 on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Hall of Residences.



  • All travel expenses are covered by the project and managed by each participants. According to the calculator away  from  Erasmus  +  program  to  calculate  travel  distances  for  granting  aid  to participants of the Mobility.

Also, this amount includes

  • All accommodation expenses are covered by the project and managed by Jovesolides.
  • All participants must bring their travel documents (train, car, plane, etc) and deliver copies or originals to JOVESOLIDES, Spain on arrival to proof the total expenditure which has been spent on their travel, according to the European standards action KA1 YOUTH IN ACTION .Once the boarding passes are received by Jovesolides, we will transfer the amount to each partner.

Keep in Mind:

  • Inform the lead organization Jovesolides Spain about your dietary needs.
  • Bring with you all tickets and invoices of the expenses you’ve had while traveling in your country of origin to Spain (a part of the project is for flight-funded).