Training course: “Play for Human Rights!” Campaign. Spain impact

Location: Madrid, Spain

Dates: 21-27 October 2019

Number of participants: 25 participants

Participating countries: Albania, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine

Organizer: Dragones de Lavapies; League of Tolerance

Apply here: Application form

Deadline: 5 August 2019

Date of Selection: 10 August 2019

Inquiries about this training course: Oleksandr Fomichov at


Participation fee

Participation fee in amount of 40 EUR should be paid by participants on the first day of training course.

Accommodation and food

The costs for food and accommodation for participants are fully covered by the grant received from the European Commission.

Travel reimbursement

The following maximum travel reimbursement per participant is eligible:

  • Albania 360 EUR
  • Azerbaijan 820 EUR
  • Jordan 530 EUR
  • Portugal 180 EUR
  • Serbia 275 EUR
  • Spain 20 EUR
  • Turkey 360 EUR
  • Ukraine 360 EUR

Visa costs for participants from Azerbaijan, Jordan and Turkey would be covered up to 100 EUR per person, upon presenting relevant documents and proof of payment.

“Play for Human Rights!” Campaign. Spain impact

The “Play for Human Rights!” Campaign. Spain impact” project aims to train young sports workers to use human rights education in complex with grassroots sports activities for resolving youth problems.

Objectives of the Project

  • To provide educational and mentors support for grassroots sport & HRE Youth Coaches;
  • To develop awareness and basic competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) of participants in human rights education, peacebuilding, intercultural learning and dialogue;
  • To enable participants to share personal successful sport & social practices and learning strategies in a positive and safe atmosphere of living and learning together;
  • To increase project management skills of participants;
  • To motivate and support participants in their role as multipliers and peer leaders in peacebuilding activities using grassroots sport & HRE with young people, encouraging them to implement follow-up initiatives;
  • To develop an international network of grassroots sport & HRE Youth Coaches using ICT;
  • To develop Video tutorials with solutions for organizing public festivals of grassroots sport & HRE;
  • To revise and strengthen the professional profile of the teaching professions;
  • To promote voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity, through increased participation in, and equal access to sport for all.

We work from the global to local and motivate participants to provide follow-up actions for positive changes with our mentorship support and online platforms possibilities using.

Approach and Content

The programme is based on non-formal education and informal methods, such as exercises from the Council of Europe manuals (Compass, Have your say, Bookmarks, etc.), working in groups, creative presentations, group discussions, presentations, learning by doing, debriefing, project management, reflection, etc.

NOTE: During the training, participants will prepare and implement the public festival of grassroots sport and HRE for local young people. After the training course participants need to prepare and implement follow up activity by organizing public festivals of grassroots sport & HRE (or similar event) in their local community.

Please be aware that the training course will not provide you with academic knowledge and concomitant recognition as it is a purely non-formal activity, and its success depends on the active participation of everybody present.

Profile of the Participants

  • no age limit;
  • able to work in English;
  • available and fully committed to take part in the full duration of the activity;
  • curious, open-minded, appreciate diversity and learn about each other’s realities;
  • motivated to learn and to apply the values and approaches of the project, notably sport for all, grassroots sport popularizing, gender equality, social inclusion, human rights, democracy and intercultural dialogue;
  • representatives of the youth or social sports workers, athletes, physical education teachers or active community leaders who already use or want to start use grassroots sport in their voluntary work;
  • involved in sports projects in their community and motivated to implement youth sports initiatives for HRE and peacebuilding after training course;
  • possess a sense of responsibility for one’s own actions, a commitment to personal and community development and continue the engagement with other participants through the international network of grassroots sport & HRE youth coaches;
  • preferably be involved in an organisation or network, institution, formal and/or informal group that is ready to support them throughout the project duration and afterwards when implementing follow up youth sports initiatives for HRE and peacebuilding.

Timing of the Project

The training course starts on October 21 (arrival day) with dinner and ends on until the morning of October 27, 2019 (departure day) with breakfast. For Spain participants TC will start in the morning of 22 October and finish at evening of 26 October.

Full participation in the training course for its full duration is mandatory, you cannot arrive later or leave earlier.

You are welcome to arrive earlier or stay longer in Spain if you wish. All costs outside of the indicated period of the training course have to be carried by yourself. The maximum total duration of your additional stay in Spain outside of the training course is 2 days, otherwise, you are not eligible for reimbursement of travel costs.

Please be aware that you are in charge of arranging your own insurance (health, accident, liability) for the whole duration of the activity. Insurance is a mandatory requirement of participation. The costs for the insurance are not subject to reimbursement.