Training course: The Art of Dialogue

Location: Vienna, Austria

Dates: 16-20 March 2019

Number of participants: Max. 25 participants

Participating countries: Serbia, Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries 

Organizer: NA Austria, IZ-Verein zur Förderung von Vielfalt, Dialog Bildung

Apply here: Application form

Deadline to apply: 7 January 2019

Date Of Selection: 25 January 2019

Inquiries about this training course: Stephanie Auzinger at


Participation fee
This project is financed by the participating NAs of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme. The participation fee varies from country to country. Please contact your NA to learn more about the participation fee for participants from your country.

Accommodation and food
The hosting National Agency of this offer will organise the accommodation and covers the costs for accommodation and food.

Travel reimbursement
Your sending National Agency will support your travel costs. After being selected, please contact your NA to learn more about how to arrange the booking of your travel tickets and the reimbursement of your travel expenses.

The Art of Dialogue

How can you apply the “Art of Dialogue” approach in EU Youth Dialogue activities? The main focus of the training is to support those who facilitate the dialogue process or specific activities planned by National Working Groups within their work plans.

The “Art of Dialogue” is a set of methods, theories and approaches for participative and interactive group moderation and process design. It is based on frameworks such as “Art of Hosting”, “The Way of Council” or “Theory U”. It has been developed in the course of working for the Structured Dialogue, first on the national level in Austria (2015-2017). During the Austrian EU presidency 2018 it was used to promote the Youth Goals as a common vision for youth in Europe and in running the EU Youth Conference in Vienna.

More info about the approach: Structured Dialogue Learning Map,

The context of the training is the new EU Youth Strategy for 2019-2027, which is the European policy framework for young people in Europe. After the Structured Dialogue process, it puts the EU Youth Dialogue at the front, aiming to establish participation of young people in decision making process at all levels- from local, regional, national and European. This is a window of opportunity to include new approaches in implementing the EU Youth Dialogue.

We want to explore how to make use of the methods and attitudes that have proven successful in 6th cycle of the Structured Dialogue, in order to be more effective in

  • facilitating meaningful dialogue among young people and stakeholders,
  • building trust and cooperation among various stakeholders,
  • promoting the EU Youth Dialogue

Each NWG is invited to send 2-3 trainers/facilitators or NWG members who facilitate the dialogue process, specific activities or events for NWGs. In addition, trainers/facilitators who implement activities at a national or European level (e.g. pool of trainers) are invited to apply.