We are sure that this post is read not only by “experienced” volunteers.

But also by those who are just curious who have never traveled to the project and can not decide to take the first step.

All those who participated in the volunteering abroad project had their first project.

Somebody called a friend to him, somebody decided to go … but somebody did not dare …

If you decide to go – then you have 2 options: be it or not.

But if you do not dare – then there will be no options.

In order to facilitate the decision, we will help dispel some fears:

 I do not know a foreign language

In fact, knowing the language is important, but not essential. If there is a desire to communicate, then there will be an OPPORTUNITY to communicate.

volunteering abroad

Perhaps this is not obvious, but for most other volunteers.

English is not native, they do grammatical mistakes and do not know all the words.

Understanding a non-native speaker is much easier, and during the camp volunteers, English will become much better.

 I have never received a visa

What can I say? Always for the first time. We’ll tell you what documents are required to get a visa.

The organizers will send an invitation – getting a visa is not as difficult as it looks.

For more than 10 years of work, the refusal of a visa was only once in Bulgaria.

But even then, after talking with the consul, I managed to get a visa.

I have not traveled abroad

No later than 3 weeks before the start of the volunteering abroad project, the volunteer receives the fact sheet: it contains all the information needed to prepare for the project.

Volunteering abroad

It also contains a DETAILED DESCRIPTION of how to get there: which bus / train to take, how much it costs, where to get out, transfer and so on.

In each phone you can download maps.me or other maps.

Mark the location of the project and navigate the map on the spot.

Decide, choose and go to a dream project