37 participants from UK, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria gathered in the first part of Code of Self Branding youth exchange in Kennington, United Kingdom.

Having a personal brand is not only a great way to create trust for potential employers or clients, but it also helps to build relationships by showing braveness, self-awareness and authenticity. If we dare to tell our complete story and build our brand not just around our successes, but also our failures, struggles and how we grew from them, we can build full pictures that people can see and relate to. That’s how we can set ourselves up for success no matter the field or position that we want to pursue.

📷🎥 Here is the tutorial promised, made by our participants, as part of the activities of Code of self-branding project.

🎭🎯 We recommend taking 3 minutes of your time to watch their creation. The video shows 7 steps to discover yourself, as it is the starting point in self-branding.


Code of Self-Branding is an Erasmus+ project to empower young people pursuing their dream career and stimulate entrepreneurial learning. We will start from ourselves – building self-branding from a personal perspective to higher the chances to find the right job (Youth exchange #1) and further going to entrepreneurship in more in depth (Youth exchange #2). The idea behind this project is to create a safe space where you can explore your core values, share your authentic story and experiment creatively with your branding identity.

Start of Code of Self Branding

📝 Its goal is to use self-branding as a way to create successful professional and personal relationships by showing braveness, self-awareness and authenticity.

During the first day, the participants had the chance to:
📌 enlarge their knowledge about Erasmus+, Abroadship.org, the project and the types of education,
📌 get to know each other,
📌 get involved in team-building activities,
📌 reflect on their needs, goals, weaknesses, strengths.

🔎 The methods used were based on non-formal education.

Day 2 Core Values

📅 During the second day of the youth exchange, the participants had the chance to think and to identify their core values and the group values.

📌 Through embodiment activities, they had the time to reflect about their own emotions, focusing on the respiration and being present in the moment.

👏 As a final activity, the participants were encouraged to express their core value through 1 min theater performance, allowing everyone to be creative.

Day 3 Vision

📷 Without knowing how the day’s story would be written, the participants had the chance to think and share their vision of a better world, followed by a feedback session.

✍ Being the authors of their own day and experience, the participants collaborated to create 6 different stories, being creative and involved.

📝 Before closing the day, precious information was shared about visual grammar and the reflection time was the end of today’s story.

Day 4 Story behind business

🌎 Day that came with many unpredictable stories, in which the participants explored the surroundings with a goal: to interact with entities and to find out the story behind their business.

🎻🎺 Working in teams, they came with ideas how to promote the local business they investigated.


📌 We would like to present to you one of the results of the project “Code of self-branding”. As a chance of learning by doing, the participants had the time to interact with the locals/companies and to find a way of branding them.

🎬 As you might have noticed already, many activities of the project happen in teams, and so did this one. The groups followed the steps of design thinking and different results were created, from posters and flyers, to videos and events.

📌We are happy to share one of the participants’ results: a promotional video of Steve – a very talented street musician, who enjoys bringing happiness to everyone’s heart 🎼 🎹.

Day 5 Design Thinking

📝 People kept working on their own life story, making every day counting.

💡 This time, it was about working in groups, coming up with ideas of promoting the local companies/people met the day before. It was the space for brainstorming and making the prototypes.

📌 The evening came with an unexpected exercise, that encouraged the participants to think and share about one event that changed their life.

Day 6 Design Thinking – Prototype

⏳ Time is flying quickly and, little by little, our participants get to the final product of the self-branding. In this case, it was the branding of the local companies, projects on which they worked for 3 days.

🎯 And, like we are used to, the evening was closed with the reflection time, getting aware of the impact of the day.

Day 7 Creating Tutorials about Self-Branding

🎬 🎥 It was a day of creation and teamwork. The participants produced tutorials related to self-branding, being supported by the facilitators.

📌 The evening was closed with a theatre exercise, that built a place for connecting with each other and expressing through body moves.

📌 Stay tuned and in the next post, you can watch one of the tutorials made by our participants.

Day 8 Reflecting

📝✏️ We are happy that we contributed to this meaningful process, by offering the space to people from different countries to write their own learning story, discover their strengths and weaknesses, participate in theater activities, know themselves better, reflect on what was impactful, express, grow and bloom.

📈📉 During the last day of the project, the participants made their timelines, with the ups and downs, shared their feelings and emotions, being grateful for this opportunity.