Do you like outdoors?

Are you an environmentalist?

Do you wonder what can each one of us do for sustainability?

Do you want to change your daily life, your work,your communities?

Do you want to join us, to care and to take action for a more sustainable world?

RASA Resilience and Sustainability in Action is a learning experience to raise awareness about sustainability challenges, connect to nature, the people around us and our own inner motivation and support each other to take action for a better place.


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30 participants and 7 leaders from UK, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria gathered in the first part of RASA Resilience and Sustainability in Action youth exchange in Kennington, United Kingdom.


Today, we started the project with Introduction exercises as well as ice-breaking and activating games to get to know each other. After lunch, we explored our surroundings by going for a treasure hunt where we had to complete various tasks.
To end the day, we talked about topics like personal beliefs, how we apply sustainability in our daily lives, etc.

Sustainability and Initiatives

We started the day with a workshop in which we talked and exchange ideas about sustainable goals and the definition of sustainability. Afterward, we reflected on it and expressed it in an artistical way (through theater, songs, stories…)

Then we had to think about how we would design a perfectly sustainable place and the agreements it should follow and draw it with all its characteristics.

After lunch, we tried to agree on how a hypothetical community through form by us would function.

Finally, each national group presented some initiatives that are taking part in their countries to solve different ecological problems and foster sustainability and resilience.

See the Value

Day 3 was marked by various discussions about the importance of core values and how we implement them not only in our career paths but also in our everyday life.

To further strengthen the knowledge gained, we created photo stories and applied the method of SMART goals. We were lucky to have the usually frowning weather in the UK smiling at us today.

Local community

Day 4 was full of sun, beautiful views and meaningful conversations with a local people

Today our group had a free day which allows us to visit many places around center. We split into few groups and traveled to Dover, Canterbury, London and Ashford. At first we had some problems with a transport, but we hope that everyone enjoyed their time.

During our visit in the cities we presented to citizents our local ecologic ideas. People exchange with us their opinions about them and it was very useful!

IN action

Day 5! Whaw!

Time flies when you’re evolving with likeminded people 🤠

After a regenerating yoga session and some left-brain, right-brain cooperation, we added a new tool to our entrepreneur’s toolkit – the SWOT analysis.

Inspired hearts sang with idealistic ideas through poetry and then we proceeded to a brainstorming session and creating a canva of the implementation of our sustainable ideas, keeping in mind our vision, our why, our core values.

Our ideas were appreciated by the sustaible board of directors and the audience. 👏👍

Another intense day, another sustainable slay!

Movie Making

Today was another productive day in RASA I. We started the morning with a meditation session, 15 minutes of cuddling together and an energizer. After that we got straight into work. Today’s task was making a promotion video for the sustainable business ideas we worked on in previous days.


Today, we started by listening to a song and taking time to reflect on the week. Then we continued with a follow up activity where we gave feedback to each other one on one, and to the project by writing down our thoughts on the activities, team and overall experience.

After that, we watched a video about human nature and wrote a letter to ourselves, dedicated to a version of us in the future.

To close the day, we did some meditation and spoke about our feelings regarding this experience in a very sentimental manner.

To close the project, we organized a gala of prizes to share love among participants and read out letters.

Whole RASA project

Erasmus + Youth exchange RASA Resilience and Sustainability in Action

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