Training Course: Get Transnational Get Solidarity (Youth Initiatives, first step towards empowering youngsters to be actors of solidarity actions)

Location:Cercedilla (Madrid), Spain

Dates: 1-6 July 2019

Participating countries: Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries

Organizer:Spanish National Agency (National Agency)

Deadline to apply:30 April 2019

Date Of Selection:14 May 2019

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Get Transnational Get Solidarity (Youth Initiatives, first step towards empowering youngsters to be actors of solidarity actions)

Download here:.Timetable Get Transnational Get Solidarity 2019-draft.docx.pdf

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Get Transnational is a 5 days training course about preparing, running and evaluating quality European Youth Projects for young people within ERASMUS + Programme and the European Solidarity Corps.

Get Transnational 2019 wants to contribute to the values and principles of ESC by incorporating and further fostering the solidarity dimension in the projects that participants will develop during the course.

The aim of this training course is to promote and develop European Youth projects in the field of Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps (ESC), like Transnational Youth Initiatives or the so called, Solidarity Projects, while creating spaces to stimulate the spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity and solidarity among the group of participants.

The objectives of the course are:

1. To match European partners who are interested in developing European Youth Projects  with a strong solidarity dimension in order to cope with different challenges perceived by young people at national or international level.

2. To create a meeting point for potential partners that would like to develop an European Youth Project through ERASMUS + Programme and ESC.

3. To introduce EntreComp, a comprehensive competence framework, as a tool for young people to develop their entrepreneurial competences while implementing their own projects.

4. To explore the European dimension on Solidarity of European youth projects.

5. To foster the acquisition of different skills by participants, such as communication, teamwork, project management in international activities and networking.

6. To develop specific proposals for future European youth projects: Transnational Youth Initiatives in the frame of ERASMUS Plus and Solidarity Projects in ESC.

The methodology of the training course is based on the fundamental principles of non-formal education. The methods provided will enable participants to fully participate in the learning process. Learning from experience will be a fundamental pillar in the way the course will be facilitated. The course is inspired in key aspects of non-formal education like the participant centred approach which will imply that the team of trainers will keep in mind the participants’ prior experience in youth projects. The learning process will continuously adapt to the of participants’ needs and motivations as well as the group’s work rhythm.

EntreComp, the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, will be introduced and used as a reference.

Moreover, an essential element of the methodology is based on the holistic nature of the learning experience, through methods that involve not only cognitive or intellectual approaches but also covering the emotional and attitudinal ones. This way, the learning is enhanced as it embraces the three dimensions of human learning.

The diversity of working methods (presentations, role plays, simulations, debates, energizers, individual reflection questionnaires, technical project management, feedback techniques, teamwork, etc) will make more sense than ever in order to cover a practical and effective project management of transnational youth initiatives.

The international composition of the group of participants will be an asset to explore the multicultural dynamics of teamwork and thus will contribute to incorporate new learning at the level of cultural diversity.