If some of the students are looking for the perfect internship from the first months of college, others expect to find the perfect program or acquire the theoretical knowledge they need.

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Both options can be advantageous, as long as the candidate is serious, persistent and determined.

What is an internship?

Internship is probably the most popular form of the program. In recent years, many internship programs have been launched, allowing companies to attract future employees.

For you, an internship is a learning opportunity, a way to gain practical experience in the field of interest.

This type of program works for a longer period, usually from 2 to 6 months.

This may be a paid or unpaid internship.

But why it is often announced from the beginning.

Sometimes, however, it depends on your negotiating skills and beliefs.

Do not forget – in the same way as one job – you need to discuss the whole package of benefits, and not just your salary.

And if this is an unpaid internship program to think that other plans benefit: dubandite knowledge, skills acquired, corporate resources that have access and that will help you develop yourself professionally training, certificates, networking – all this can be very useful for your career.

And in the case of work schedules, there may be variations.

An internship may be incomplete or complete.

The program is usually flexible — a program designed for students that employers encourage to complete their studies.

Do not be afraid to call during an interview after an internship program and schedule.

Then you work and your college program to make sure that you can successfully combine these two activities.


Internship – what does this mean for your career?

“For younger candidates, we recommend holding a variety of activities during the academic period, starting with what inter-agency internships mean, working at conferences, academic programs, volunteering, etc.” – Ramona Badescu, HRC, RobertBosch.

Employers first attract students and fresh graduates to internship programs.

Which they consider a career growth framework.

They give them even greater importance than the specialization of study!

Since there is no other kind of previous experience in the case of a junior.

These programs complement the absence of previous work and say that the candidate is determined, seriously and, especially, interested in the world of work.

Adding an internship program to your resume will give you an extremely important advantage over other candidates in your first job.

Since there are so many candidates with the same research and specializations as you.

A well-chosen internship program will certainly matter!

Even if the internship programs that you follow do not turn into full-time jobs in a company.

You should not forget that only such events will give you the practical skills that employers are looking for with such great interest in candidates.

Do not forget to mention in your resume what you acquired in each program.

And then in detail and in detail about the actions that you took during the weeks when you were interned.

And the most important thing that you need to take into account when applying for such a program is that it will give you access to things that you cannot find from other sources, be it online or offline.

Information about the company, company resources, training programs, courses, certificates, access to events organized by the company or the location of the company, etc.

Take advantage of all these things in the entire program and learn how much you can.

Internship letter

To increase your chances of being selected for the internship program that you want.

It is advisable to develop – besides your resume and cover letter.

To show the employer that you are motivated to get a job and study with your colleagues in the company.

Moreover, such a document will help you to describe in detail everything that you cannot detail in your resume.