Online course: Positive Psychology: Applications and Interventions (this course is part of Foundations of Positive Psychology Line)

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Positive Psychology: Applications and Interventions

Positive interventions are one of the building blocks for the application of positive psychology in our day-to-day lives. In this course taught by Dr. James Pawelski, we explore positive interventions through theory, research and practice. We provide learners the basic tools for using and measuring positive psychology in professional or personal contexts. Suggested prerequisite: Positive Psychology: Martin E. P. Seligman’s Visionary Science.




WEEK 1: 5 hours to complete

Introducing the Course and Exploring Positive Emotions

1.1 Welcome
1.1 Assignment
1.2 A Thought Experiment
1.3 Introduction to the Course
1.3 Assignment
1.4 Theoretical Introduction
1.4 Assignment
1.5 Broaden-and-Build Theory of Positive Interventions
1.5 Assignment
1.6 Cultivating Positive Emotions
1.6 Assignment

WEEK 2: 4 hours to complete

Understanding and Cultivating a Healthy Emotional Life

2.1 Revisit Reversible Cape
2.1 Assignment
2.2 Are Positive Emotions Always Positive?
2.2 Assignment
2.3 Emotional Intelligence
2.3 Assignment
2.4 Savoring, Part 1
2.4 Assignment
2.5 Savoring, Part 2
2.5 Assignment
2.6 Savoring, Part 3
2.6 Assignment

WEEK 3: 3 hours to complete

Identifying and Using Character Strengths

3.1 Introduction to Character Strengths and Virtues
3.1 Assignment
3.2 VIA Classifications of Character Strengths and Virtues
3.2 Assignment
3.3 Signature Strengths
3.3 Assignment
3.4 Using Signature Strengths
3.4 Assignment
3.5 Strengths at Work, Home, and Play
3.5 Assignment
3.6 Strengths in Romantic Relationships
3.6 Assignments

WEEK 4: 4 hours to complete

Setting and Achieving Goals

4.1 Introduction
4.1 Assignment
4.2 Choosing Life Goals
4.2 Assignment
4.3 Choosing Goals to Support Well-Being
4.3 Assignment
4.4 Following Through on the Goals We Choose
4.4 Assignment
4.5 Flow
4.5 Assignment
4.6 Review and Conclusion
4.6 Assignment

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