Training Course: Human Rights and Diversity as Foundations in Youth Work

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Dates: 2-5 March 2020

Number of participants: 30

Participating countries: Russian Federation, Eastern Partnership countries, Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries

Organizer: The Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI

Apply here: Application form (need to register on SALTO)

Deadline to apply: 10 January 2020

Date of selection: 2 February 2020

Inquiries about this project:


Participation fee

The Finnish National Agency does not charge a participation fee.

Accommodation and food

The Finnish National Agency will cover the board and lodging of participants. They will most obviously share a room with someone else in a hotel/hostel level accommodation.

Travel reimbursement

Every country organises travelling to international activities differently. Only the representatives in your own National Agency can answer questions on how travel reimbursement is organised in your country. After the selection has been made, you can consult them about the rules in your country.

Participants from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia: The Finnish National Agency will cover your travel costs and visa costs. The selected participants will get instructions on how to organise their travel after the selection.

Human Rights and Diversity as Foundations in Youth Work

Human Rights and Diversity as Foundations in Youth Work – Finland – Erasmus plus –

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The training discusses the understanding of human rights in youth work by looking at examples of groups that may face exclusion. How can we make youth work spaces safe for all kinds of young people?

Content and Objectives

After completing the training cource the participants will have more knowledge and understanding on

  • the human rights system both as a set of legal obligations and a tool for change within youth work
  • minority stress affecting the everyday life of minority youth
  • safer spaces thinking in youth work
  • exploring methods that enable youth workers to discuss human rights with young people
  • how to support the equal participation of different groups (e.g. trans and non-binary youth and youth with disabilities) in youth work activities

The training will consist of presentations and panels, exercises, visits and dialogue both among the participants and with experts by experience.

The participants will have a possibility to share experiences, ideas, materials and good practices with each other. The participants are encouraged to reflect on their own practices and how they could bring human rights education into their own activities.

Trainers: Human Rights Advisers Eeva Tupi and Aija Salo from the Finnish League for Human Rights with guest speakers and experts by experience (TBC).

Pre-task for Selected Participants

Those selected to the training will be required to finish a pre-task on the youth work and human rights practices in their own country and own organisation. This task will be sent to the selected participants after the selection and the results will be discussed in the training.

Participant Profile

This is a training for adults who work with/for young people in a youth work setting. The training is recommended for youth workers, trainers, youth leaders, youth project managers, youth policy makers, youth coaches and other adults working directly with young people in youth work settings or developing the organisation activities.

We require the participants to have a relevant role in their own youth work organisation so that the new ideas created in this training can be put into practice in the youth organisation’s everyday work. Volunteers in a youth organisation should have a relevant role in organising the activities of the organisation and being able to change the work culture of it.

The participants are not required to have previous experience on human rights but they should be interested in developing their understanding and skills to take human rights into account in youth work

Accessibility Information

In case you have any accessibility needs, please inform the organiser about them as soon as possible. The organiser will try to meet all accessibility needs.

Eastern Partnership and Russia

Applicants from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia can apply. We can include 2-3 participants from the neighbouring region. The selection of EaP+RU participants is made by SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus in Warsaw, Poland.