Having a personal brand is not only a great way to create trust for potential employers or clients, but it also helps to build relationships by showing braveness, self-awareness and authenticity.

Code of Self-Branding was an Erasmus+ project created to empower young people pursuing their dream career and stimulate entrepreneurial learning. In the first phase of the project we started from ourselves – building self-branding from a personal perspective to higher the chances to find the right job. The idea behind this project is to create a safe space where participants could explore their core values, share their authentic story and experiment creatively with their branding identity.

Here are some of their creations that might help you too in building up your personal brand and transmitting your message across.


1. How to Know Yourself Better

First things first, in order to express who you are, surprise, you have to know who you are! Find what is important for you, what you like, what you are good at, ask yourself a few questions.


2. How to Create Your Personal Brand

From knowing your values, to knowing your audience and the channels you are using to communicate your brand, follow these steps in order to create a sustainable brand.


After establishing your brand directions, it’s time to give your brand a visual shape. This tutorial will help you understand what exactly are the important elements of a visual identity and how to know what fits better for your brand.



4. Three Methods to Grab Attention on Social Media

Maybe your brand is the best and you have the most valuable content, but how do you actually make people stop to see it? Here are some tips that could be useful:


Bonus Tutorial. Connect with your Audience trough Energisers

Yes, energizers are fun. But did you know they help you connect with your audience and create the desired atmosphere before any presentation? Here’s an example of a quick energiser you can do: