Erasmus+ youth exchange KNIGHTS of the ROUND TABLE was an outstanding 3 phases project with multiple LARPS played and created during the project and also Local Action phase.

“I have just returned from an amazing youth exchange program Knights of the Round Table #3: Searching for Freedom in Northern Ireland and have been asked to reminisce on my application process” says Simas Urbonavicius from Lithuania.

The application process to the Knights of the Round Table #3: Searching for Freedom

Knights of the Round Table - Phase 3 - Searching for Freedom - Erasmus plus youth exchange - Wales - United Kingdom - Great Britain -

Knights of the Round Table – Phase 3 – Searching for Freedom – Erasmus plus youth exchange – Wales – United Kingdom – Great Britain –

“When I got to know about the project, I applied immediately with no question and got lucky! While I was applying, I had to complete one short task. It included posting about the project on social media. Though you had to get creative! Prompts suggested were to inform people on how to make a change or things to remember when embarking on a youth exchange and etc. I chose to simply promote this opportunity to travel to my followers on Instagram. The feedback was nice – a bunch of people got interested and some of them got on the exchange program! All in all, this task was a great way to learn to promote a cause and attract attention. I’m glad to have partaken in this amazing experience and to have shared it with others by posting on social media. Thank you!” says Simas Urbonavicius

Local Action Phase


“We played the Peraspera Adastra which we have created with Bara during Knights. I have organized it with my friends, and it was really nice, very deep, even deeper then when we played it for the first time. I changed the rules little bit so and we had really long discussion afterwards,  almost two hours.”

Czech Republic

INspire took part in the festival Blavicon where they, in cooperation with a LARP sword fighter from Prague, held a workshop on LARP fencing. There were around 30 people who took part in the workshop that was repeated 3 times during the day. As a part of the event, the vice-president of INspire introduced not only LARP and its principles, but also Erasmus+ and the opportunities it is offering.


I have found a group of Greek larpers and together we have played a larp. And I have did for them the Dragon larp that we played during the Knights 2. They were really impressed because they didnt though about larp as a way for personal development before. I don’t have many pictures front he Dragon but I am attaching some pictures from the larp we have playerd together. There was a lot of sword fighting so i was remembering a lot what we have learned about fighting in the Wales.


We have searched little bit in Print and Play database you shared with us and wanted to try the Gods lads LARP because it is about queer. We had a 5 players from our friends and it was pretty nice, we did it in my room, and everybody liked it a lot.


Latvian team organised LARP, its members created during the Knights 3 called “The Mist” for some of their friends.

“The game itself went pretty good this time! Players really enjoyed playing it, as said in the reflection afterwards, and overall it went much smoother than in Northern Ireland, probably because we adjusted some rules and were better prepared ourselves. We had 4 players instead of 7 this time and that was also a much better choice, because with 7 there was a lot of chaos going on. Players also sticked to their characters really well, so that created lots of inner conflict between them – their phobias coming in collision. Overall, I’d say we really enjoyed it as facilitators and would definitely like to play again some time in the future with different players. “The Mist” lives on :) “


LARP: CURious holiday

Date: 1. 10. 2022

Organizers: 3

Players: 10

The activity had been organized for the older scouts as a part of a weekend activity. We wanted to share with them what we experienced during Erasmus. Players enjoey the Larp and they are eger to play it again but we find out it is hard to choose a good gamme because there needs to be a good number of players fitting..


The Spanish team tried the jeep form of larp that we didn’t experience during the Knights but Vojta was telling us about it and recommended a play Lives Births Deaths Vojta recommended to us. We have been lucky enough to do it with our erasmus theatre group on the real stage. We did as an exercise during one practices, because none of our actors had experiences with larp but this was a good practice of improvisation and jeep form was quite close to what they had known. In the end, it was a great success so I think we will do it again.

Project Knights of the Round Table #3: Searching for Freedom

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Partners in the project

Coordinator: United Kingdom (

Partners: Latvia (organisation Biedriba Piedzivojuma Gars), Spain (organisation LaVibria Intercultural), Romania (Asociatia Synergy), Lithuania (Inovatyvi Karta) , Czech Republic (INspire), Greece (Solidarity Mission)

Whole project

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Erasmus + Youth exchange Knights of the round table #3: Searching for Freedom and here is the story

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