Just a day before, we had woken up as your average Erasmus+ participants – 48 people from 7 different countries, filled with excitement and curiosity, seeking fun and learning opportunities, trying to make the most out of the 11 days spent in the quaint setting of Bushmills, Northern Ireland. That day was different, though. Instead of putting on our jumpers and rain jackets – an indispensable tool here – we proudly grabbed our tunics, our crowns and our capes, and stepped out of the door in anticipation of our quest. A quest, we knew, of wonder and amazement, but also of dangers lurking in every corner. A quest of pain and revenge, but also of forgiveness. A quest that would not only determine the fate of Camelot, but also our own destinies. 

The Camlann LARP

For a whole day, the Camlann LARP challenged us to step into our roles and see the world through the eyes of the notorious characters from the Arthurian legends. The hostel venue transformed into the Kingdom of Albion and became the ground on which we are about to discuss, form alliances, plot and even duel for the rest of the day. Of course, we were aware that we were going to be guided by a set of rules that would help us immerse ourselves in this fictional universe and move the LARP along. However, one can never know where the events would lead us, because, at the end of the day, our greatest weapons are not the swords, daggers or magical spells, but the freedom and curiosity to write our own stories. Merlin, Guinevere, Lancelot, Arthur himself – these ceased to be simple names anymore. With every swing of the (luckily, plastic) swords, with every information passed along in hushed voices and with every meeting at the Round Table, the journey intensified. Any trace of reluctance or shyness was gone, allowing us to fully embrace our roles and do our best to create a theatrical, multi-faceted experience.

Perhaps the stories of our characters didn’t always evolve as we had anticipated (or hoped). Still, the LARP challenged us to look beyond our own expectations and goals and try to create a dynamic, unforgettable experience for all of us. To forgive and change destinies shaped by hatred. And, most of all, to set our differences aside and create a memorable theatrical experience together.

Raisa Manolescu

Project Knights of the Round Table #3: Searching for Freedom

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